What is Kodular and How Can we earn from Kodular.


Hello Friends Today I am going to tell you what is kodular site, How can we use it and how to make money from "Kodular" site.

What is Kodular?

Kodular is a free plateform to make own apps of your dream. Kodular is simple, beautiful and powerful site. Kodular site is the best way to make apps of simple interface and simple design. It needs only simple coding and arrangment of material designs. Kodular have many components and options for making apps. Also it has beautiful material designs. It also helps us to make money from advertising sites having in our own apps.

How to Earn From Kodular.

The best way to earn money online is Making own apps and earning money from advertising sites like admob, startapp, facebook etc. The simple type of work for making money is this. After draging your ads in your app you will get money from the advertising site when you get some clicks and impressions in your app.
For 1000 impressions you will get 0.5$-1.5$.
For 1 click you will get 0.7$-2$ per click.


  • Kodular creator is a hosted on Google cloud which means it is safe. Your projects are safely stored on the servers. So you don't have to worry about making backups and downloading them.
  • Kodular does not have codings to make apps.
  • Kodular creates apps using block-type editor.
  • It has material design UI.
  • Kodular have a simple interface with lots of components.
  • It is completely free but after publishing your apps it will get some commission on your apps.
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