URL Shortner Aia File

Assalamualaikum Friends

Today I am going to give you another AIA file. The name of the Aia file is "URL shortener".

This URL shortener is one of the best shortener and fastest shortener. I will give you this premium Url Shortner for free.

URL shortner Aia File free

  • What is URL shortner and how it works?

URL shortner is just a tool for making other url's short. This URL shortner is a simple application. 

It works on making url's shorter by pasting original url into text box. This aia will be helpfull gor those who want to make apps by their own. You can put Advertising (admob) ad code into your for earning money by admob. 

URL shortner Aia File

  • Steps to Make it your app?

  1. You have go to kodular plateform or kodular like platefom.
  2. Import Aia file into kodular given by us.
  3. Edit what you like to edit in aia to make it  your app.
  4. Put advertising id (ad code) into app.
  5. Export your app after changing or editing Aia file.

  • Download Aia File Below

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Download Aia File Here

Ads by Eonads

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