Love Culculator Aia File Free, with another aia file

Love Culculator Aia File Free.

Tech Aia Store Is giving you today a new aia file for free. The name of Aia file Is "LOVE CULCULATOR". We give these aia files to you to earn some money by placing ads into aia file and publish to playstore. 

Below are some points you have to do to earn money:

1: Go to any app inventor like kodular.
2: Import the aia file in app inventor you have signed up.
3: Place your ads placement id from your admob or admob alternative.
4: Export the aia file and publish it to playstore or share manually.

Download Demo apk: HERE

Download another demo apk file free.

Some Features:

1: This App needs two names one Boyfriend and other Girlfriend.
2:  It Matches the both names.
3: It shows what it culculated from name coding.

Important note: It is only an app it cannot be the exact truth culculated by app.

Some screenshots:



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Download Aia File HERE.
Download alternate aia file Here.


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